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Free Soccer Picks: Egypt vs. Belarus Tips & Predicted Olympics Results 8/1/12

Egypt vs. Belarus Picks: Magical Belarus Olympics Run Comes To End: It has been a fantastic first round of Olympics soccer picks in Group C, but on Wednesday morning at Hampden Park, the tourney will come to a close for either Egypt or Belarus, as the two teams fight it out for a likely bid in the second stage of this competition.

A draw is almost certainly going to be good enough for Belarus, a team that has a great chance of doing something truly special for the sport in its nation. The one point would eliminate Egypt, and as long as New Zealand doesn’t end up taking all three points from Brazil in a match running concurrently, the small Russian satellite nation would be into the second round. For the Egyptians, this is a brutally important match. They are one of the most experienced nations in terms of getting into the Olympics, and they know that only three points will do. They’ll be watching the action at St. James Park as well, hoping that the Kiwis don’t come up with three points against Brazil, but if they do, Egypt knows that it will need to beat Belarus by more than New Zealand beats Brazil to ensure advancement.

Egypt vs. Belarus Schedule and Match Information
Egypt vs. Belarus Match Date/Time: Wednesday, August 1st, 9:30 a.m. (ET)
Egypt vs. Belarus Stadium: Hampden Park
Egypt vs. Belarus on TV: NBC Soccer Channel (Tape Delay at 4:30 p.m. ET)
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Egypt vs. Belarus Match Odds: Egypt -0.5 (+114)
Egypt vs. Belarus Betting Line Total: 2.5 (Over +115)

Many expected that Egypt would be the second team to get out of Group C this year in the Olympics, especially after the way that the squad fought back and nearly stole a point from Brazil in the opening fixture. That being said, it was a shock to see the Egyptians fall behind by a goal early on against New Zealand three days ago, and all of a sudden, their tournament hung in the balance. They did get a goal from Mohamed Salah, his second strike of the Olympics, and from that point forward, they really were comprehensively the better of the two teams. Forward were constantly pushing ahead for Egypt all game long, and it ended in 28 shots, 10 of which reached the target. The Egyptians were unlucky not to win this match, but Manager Hany Ramzy will tell you that there are no excuses. The good news for Egypt is that it basically controls its own destiny with this match, and in the end, that should be good enough for it to get into the second round still.

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Belarus really never figured to have all that much of a change, but it still got its three points from the Kiwis to open up this tournament. It was the first big time win for this tiny nation in a competition like this. It isn’t going to take a victory to get into the knockout rounds, but it is going to take a draw. The problem though, might be a bit of complacency in the search of a draw. In the team’s opening fixture against New Zealand, the squad dominated possession and shots and shots on target, and against Brazil, there were at least a few moments of true magic. Renan Bressan Bardini was able to score just eight minutes into the match against one of the best teams in the world, and the squad did what it could to fend off the Brazilians. This was a match every step of the way, though Brazil did go from down a goal to up a goal with a Neymar goal in the 65th minute. It wasn’t until stoppage time when Oscar scored for the men in yellow and green when this fixture got out of hand. The offense has to get back to its ball control to be able to knock off the Egyptians.

Egypt vs. Belarus Match Preview & Analysis: Unfortunately for Belarus, we just don’t see this happening. The Egyptians are the better of these two teams, and we really think that experience is going to get the job done. Of course, most of these players that are on this team weren’t on the Olympics squads of the past, but tradition really seems to be a heck of a lot more here for the African side than it is for Belarus. This could be a touch and go game throughout, but in the end, whether it be Mohamed Salah or any of the other capable youngsters that this team has to offer, Egypt will be the one that gets into the second round of this tournament.

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Egypt vs. Belarus Score Prediction: Egypt 2 – Belarus 1

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2012 Olympics Soccer Odds & Picks: Brazil vs. Belarus Match Preview 7/29/12

Brazil vs. Belarus Match Analysis: Neymar Goal Coming In Brazil Romp: Our Brazil vs. Belarus picks are going to be hot and heavy for Sunday afternoon at Old Trafford in what will be the second match of the afternoon played in Manchester United’s home stadium. With a set of soccer spreads for the match, you’re going to need our expert soccer handicappers around to tell you which side to be playing in this fixture. Don’t miss it, as Jack, our resident English soccer nut, takes his free soccer punting tips for this match!

Both Brazil and Belarus were able to claim three points from their opening matches in Group C on Thursday. If there is a winner of this match, that team will essentially be through to the second round of this tournament, and both sides are going to be hoping to get that illustrious title already through just two thirds of the group stage.

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Brazil vs. Belarus Schedule and Match Information
Brazil vs. Belarus Match Date/Time: Sunday, July 29th, 10:00 a.m. (ET)
Brazil vs. Belarus Stadium: Old Trafford
Brazil vs. Belarus on TV: MSNBC
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Brazil vs. Belarus Match Odds: Brazil -2 (-130)
Brazil vs. Belarus Betting Line Total: 3.5 (Over -115)

Had you just stopped Brazil’s opening match against Egypt 30 minutes in, there would have been no doubt which team would have been issuing the stomping. The Brazilians were clearly the better side, and they logged a trio of goals without answer in that first half hour. However, it’s almost as if the team went to sleep when it went into the locker room. The very talented side really didn’t look good at the back, save for the fact that Rafael scored the opening goal of the match 16 minutes in. But of course, the best highlight of the match was the Neymar goal, which is going to be the first of many here in this tournament, and along the way for the Brazilian national team. Hulk has to be particularly careful in this fixture, knowing that he picked up a yellow card in the opening match against Egypt, and another yellow will see him left on the bench for the third and final match in the group stage. Of course, three points here, and that match is going to prove to be elementary.

This is the first time that Belarus is going to be playing in the Olympics for this nation that is just 20 years old as its own team. Belarus has never been beaten by more than two goals, and it has never won by more than four, but unfortunately, this might be the first time that the former happens. This is likely to be a heck of a lot different match than an opening fixture against a New Zealand team that has never really been all that great in its history at the U-23 or the national level either. Dmitry Baga, just 22 years old, scored a goal out of the midfield in a very important fixture to start this tournament, but he and the rest of his offense know that it has to put a few more balls in the back of nets to be able to get into the second round of this tournament.

Brazil vs. Belarus Match Preview & Analysis: Normally speaking, getting two goals is a whole heck of a lot, but in the end, we just don’t know if Belarus is going to be able to hang around with the mighty Brazilians. There are just too many talented players on this team, regardless of whether they are over or under the age of 23. Brazil was able to go up 3-0 on a much better Egyptian side after just a half hour. This could be a 3-0 match at halftime and a 10-0 match by the time it is all said and done with if the Brazilians want it to be. It won’t be there bad, but it should be a heck of a lot bad enough to make this a cover for the South Americans.

Brazil vs. Belarus Punting Tip: Brazil -2 (-130) @ BetOnline Sportsbook

Brazil vs. Belarus Score Prediction: Brazil 5 – Belarus 0

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