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2012 Olympics Medal Predictions: South Korea vs. Brazil Tips & Picks 8/7/12

Olympics Men’s Soccer South Korea vs. Brazil: No More Neymar For Brazil: One of the upstarts of the Olympics Soccer Tournament, South Korea, will be taking to the pitch at Old Trafford on Tuesday night in what should be one of the best matches on the docket in this entire tournament. Don’t miss our live South Korea vs. Brazil picks and predictions for what should be a remarkable outing between two different teams with vastly different styles of playing the beautiful game.

No team has had a more interesting road to the semifinals than this South Korean team, which has had just about everything thrown at it imaginable. The squad has played from behind and played from ahead, and now, it has survived a dreaded penalty shootout against Great Britain, the host nation. Meanwhile, the Brazilians just continue to steamroll anything in their way, notching three goals against all of its opponents thus far in this tournament, though we do have to point out that the level of competition really hasn’t been all that great, and the level of organization that they have faced hasn’t been nearly as strong as it is going to be on Tuesday night.

South Korea vs. Brazil Schedule and Match Information
South Korea vs. Brazil Match Date/Time: Tuesday, August 7th, 2:45 p.m. (ET)
South Korea vs. Brazil Stadium: Old Trafford
South Korea vs. Brazil Live on TV: NBC Sports Network
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South Korea vs. Brazil Match Odds: Brazil -1 (-107)
South Korea vs. Brazil Odds To Advance To Semifinals: Brazil (-450)
South Korea vs. Brazil Betting Line Total: 2.5 (Over -115)

What an amazing match the South Koreans played to dismiss the hosts of this tournament! They ended up losing Jung Sungryong in the 62nd minute to a shoulder injury and had to suddenly rely on Lee Bumyoung to be able to come in to shut the door against one of the top offensive sides in this tournament. Kim Changsoo also had to leave early with an injury to boot. Four yellow cards and two penalties against, both of which had to be considered relatively suspect in nature, weren’t enough to keep the Koreans down, though. The goal by Ji Dongwon got the job done to take the lead, and though a goal on one of those PKs was later conceded, in the end, organization kept the back of the net relatively clean. In the penalty shootout, there wasn’t much in the way of fancy play, as the young South Korea team stepped up and produced five straight goals on five efforts. Even though South Korea only had 42 percent of the possession, it rarely felt like the team was in danger of allowing all that many goals in the match, something that has become a staple in this tournament.

Brazil has a number of players – six to be exact – that are going to have to be careful to avoid picking up a caution in this match. If any of the six do, they will be forced to sit out either the Gold Medal match or the Bronze Medal match, depending upon the outcome of this one. Though the Brazilians have scored 12 goals in three matches, we definitely have our cause for concern. Belarus was able to jump out to the early lead against them, and Egypt nearly completed a comeback from down 3-0 in the second half. Honduras has one of the up and coming teams in the world, but the truth of the matter is that the talent level was never comparable. The likes of Neymar, Thiago Silva, Hulk, Oscar, Danilo… The list goes on and on of the players that could be stars on the senior team as well as this de facto U-23 squad. Still, Honduras was able to go up 1-0 and took a 2-1 lead, and the latter came with just 10 men on the pitch. Frustration spilled over in the form of eight yellow cards, and that’s probably what kept the Hondurans from ultimately having a chance to win the match, but it definitely should have served as a warning shot to the only South American side left in this tournament.

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South Korea vs. Brazil Match Preview & Analysis: Be careful, Brazil. Be very, very careful. If the Brazilians end up falling behind to the Koreans early, it could be a long road back to get level. This is a team that plays tremendous defense night in and night out, and that could, and should mean that goals will be at a premium. In the end, we are willing to take a shot that South Korea ends up advancing into the finale this weekend, shocking the rest of soccer world.

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South Korea vs. Brazil Score Prediction: South Korea 2 – Brazil 1 (ET)

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Olympics Betting Tips: Who Will Win Brazil vs. Honduras Match? 8/4/12

Soccer Betting Tips for Olympics: Neymar, Brazil Should Blow Away Hondurans: The odds to win the Olympics soccer tournament are clearly slanted in favor of the Brazilians, who are the odds on favorites right now to claim gold medals. They’ll at least ensure themselves of a chance to claim some sort of a medal on Saturday night at St. James Park when they battle it out on the Olympics betting lines with Honduras.

It really isn’t all that much of a surprise that an insanely talented Brazilian team stormed through Group C to make it to the second phase of this tournament with maximum points. There was very little pressure coming against any of the other teams, though we do have to note that three straight goals were scored by the competition between the end of the match against Egypt and the start of the one against Belarus. Honduras knew that it needed some help to get into the quarterfinals, and it got just that in the form of a miserable effort by Spain in the second match day in Group D. At least the Hondurans have to have the confidence that they were able to eliminate the Spaniards, but they only mustered draws against Japan and Morocco in the group stage.

Brazil vs. Honduras Schedule and Match Information
Brazil vs. Honduras Match Date/Time: Saturday, August 4th, 12:00 p.m. (ET)
Brazil vs. Honduras Stadium: St. James Park
Brazil vs. Honduras on TV: NBC Soccer Channel, NBC Sports Network
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Brazil vs. Honduras Match Odds: Brazil -2 (-115)
Brazil vs. Honduras Olympics Quarterfinals Odds: Brazil -1200
Brazil vs. Honduras Betting Line Total: 3 (Over -117)

There is a heck of a reason that Brazil is the favorite on the odds to win the Olympics right now. They have had seven different men score for them over the course of the first three matches of this tournament. No other team has scored more than six goals in total. The well balanced effort from top to bottom is something that you just don’t see on any other team in the world at the U-23 stage at this point, and it is going to take a heck of an effort for anyone to dispose of this team. This has been yet another great stage for Neymar to strut his stuff. The youngster is sure to be playing massive club soccer in Europe soon, but for now, he is tearing apart the Olympics and has a pair of goals to show for his work on a very impressive 16 total efforts at net. Keep in mind that one of the scorers hasn’t been Hulk, who is expected to be able to contribute in a big time way to this very inexperienced team.

William Hill Euro 2012 BannerThere hasn’t been a heck of a lot for Honduras to be proud of here in at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The Olympics medal count shows that they have yet to log a single piece of hardware that is coming back home, and the soccer team would love to be able to change that. This is one of the most important matches in the history of Honduras soccer at any level, and it definitely isn’t something to overlook. The problem is that the talent just isn’t there quite yet to compete with a team like this. Yes, Honduras got the job done against Spain, but as we saw, La Roja just never really came to play here in England, while Brazil clearly has. If there is a man that can pull off the upset, Jerry Bengtson is the man. He has three goals from the first round of the tournament, making him one of the three that has at least a trio of strikes thus far at the Olympics.

Brazil vs. Honduras Match Preview & Analysis: Still, we just don’t trust the development of Honduran soccer at this level. Brazil is clearly a refined team, and though this is a squad that features mostly a U-23 bunch, this team could clearly compete with the mass majority of senior squads in the world. Even with a great effort and some magic by Bengston, the truth of the matter is that Honduras only uses that one man at the top of the offense, and that isn’t going to cut it. Eventually, the 10 men back behind the ball for Honduras will prove to crack, and as we have seen thus far in England, the Brazilians have a tendency of scoring goals in big time bunches.

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Brazil vs. Honduras Score Prediction: Brazil 4 – Honduras 1

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2012 Olympics Soccer Odds & Picks: Brazil vs. Japan Match Preview 8/3/12

Brazil vs. Japan Match Analysis: Marta Goal, Rebound To Lead Brazilians Past World Cup Champs: One of the biggest favorites to win the Olympic gold medal in women’s soccer will go heads up with the defending World Cup champs on Friday in what has to be the most highly anticipated of the quarterfinals matches of the day. Brazil will get a chance to do some real damage against a Japan team that has the ability to be quite stingy and a true pain to the rest of the teams in this women’s soccer Olympics tournament. Don’t miss our Brazil vs. Japan picks for what should be an outstanding match.

Brazil nearly finished what it was supposed to do in Group E. The team was a heavy favorite to get through to the knockout rounds and do so with at least seven points and likely nine, but in the end, there were just six and a second place finish in the group to show for its work. As a punishment, instead of getting to take on one of the third place teams in a group, the Brazilians have to take on Japan. Unfortunately for the Japanese, a plan to go for a draw against South Africa might have backfired. Yes, the team doesn’t have to head all the way to Glasgow for this match, but instead of taking on Great Britain as was expected, now the daunting task of facing Brazil awaits.

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Brazil vs. Japan Schedule and Match Information
Brazil vs. Japan Match Date/Time: Friday, August 3rd, 12:00 p.m. (ET)
Brazil vs. Japan Stadium: Millennium Stadium
Brazil vs. Japan on TV: NBC Soccer Channel, NBC Sports Network
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Brazil vs. Japan Match Odds: Brazil pk (-140)
Brazil vs. Japan Odds To Advance To Semifinals: Brazil (-135)
Brazil vs. Japan Betting Line Total: 2.5 (Over +115)

The name Marta always seems to be the one that comes up for the Brazilians when they run into troubles and when they are succeeding. All of the success is usually attributed to something special that she does on the pitch, and any time that the team loses, it must be her fault, as she is the most recognizable player on the team. That being said, we just don’t know if that really should be the case any longer. Marta has her two goals, but so does Cristiane, her front line mate in the Olympics. What we have to remember about the side in green and yellow is that it is a team that really hasn’t shown all that many cracks. A match against the United States in the World Cup should have been won if not for a miracle at the death to send the match to PKs by Abby Wambach, and aside from that, Brazil outscored its other three foes 7-0 in the World Cup. Now in the first round of this tournament, the host nation was able to squeak out a 1-0 victory against Brazil. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination. Remember that it was a match that really didn’t do all that much positively or negatively for the Brazilians, and they had to know that going in.

Meanwhile, Japan knows that it is holding the World Cup at this point. There are only two goals to show for the World Cup holders’ efforts, one by Aya Miyama and one by Nahomi Kawasumi. This is a team that has a ton of experience, led by Homare Sawa. Still, we look at the match results over the course of the last few years and shake our heads. Japan didn’t play all that remarkably in the group stages of the World Cup, and it didn’t do all that well in the group stages here. Five points was nice, but it really should have done a heck of a lot more after beating Canada in the opening fixture. The run in the knockout rounds in the World Cup was impressive, but a lot of that came with a goal here and a goal there, and it really just seemed like a magical happening that probably won’t be duplicated. This is a great team for sure, but the fact that it ranks No. 3 on the FIFA World Rankings is overrated in our eyes.

Brazil vs. Japan Match Preview & Analysis: This really could be a good one when push comes to shove. What we saw out of the Japanese for the most part over the course of the last tournament and change is that they just don’t want to push forward. If that turns out to be the case in this one, it really could be a challenge. Yes, the Brazilians have the ability to get frustrated and end up in a world of hurt because of it, but in the end, they’ll get the goal that makes the difference in what should be a great fixture.

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Brazil vs. Japan Score Prediction: Brazil 1 – Japan 0

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2012 Olympics Medal Predictions: Brazil vs. New Zealand Tips & Picks 8/1/12

Olympics Men’s Soccer Brazil vs. New Zealand: New Zealanders Might Swipe Point From Clinched Brazilians: Our Brazil vs. New Zealand predictions should be relatively easy, knowing that one of these teams is clearly a heck of a lot stronger and deeper than the other. The Brazilians seem to be good enough to overmatch New Zealand, but the All Whites know that though their chances are slim, at least there is still a mathematical chance for them to get into the second stage of the Olympics soccer tournament.

Brazil already knows that it is going to be in the Olympics quarterfinals, and in the end, even getting zip from this match is probably still good enough to get into the second stage. It isn’t all that likely that Belarus beats Egypt in a match running at the same time, and that would mean that Brazil would top the group, two points ahead of the runner up. New Zealand needs a win and some help to get into the second round, though. The All Whites either need a win and a draw in the other match or a win parlayed with an Egypt win of fewer goals than they win by. It’s not likely, but like we said before, having a chance is at least something for New Zealand to play for, and that’s more than the team usually has to look forward to in these types of tournaments.

Brazil vs. New Zealand Schedule and Match Information
Brazil vs. New Zealand Match Date/Time: Wednesday, August 1st, 9:30 a.m. (ET)
Brazil vs. New Zealand Stadium: St. James Park
Brazil vs. New Zealand on TV: NBC Sports Network, NBC Soccer Channel
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Brazil vs. New Zealand Match Odds: Brazil -2 (-101)
Brazil vs. New Zealand Betting Line Total: 3.5 (Over +110)

The Brazilians have absolutely blown through their first two matches, coming up with six goals to show for their work, most of which has come early in matches. After falling behind sloppily against Belarus right out of the blocks, the team came back and scored a goal seven minutes later and then came up with more goals in the second half to put the match away. Once again, the team had the mass majority of the possession against Belarus, just as it did against Egypt, and we would expect nothing different this time around. Some of the players that have been on the bench should be used by Manager Mano Menezes in this one. The likelihood is that Hulk will find himself on the bench with a yellow card from the first match, as he won’t want to be suspended for the first quarterfinals match of the Olympics.

It was clear that New Zealand was outclassed by Egypt in the second group match, and the team had to be considered fortunate just to be able to get a point. We know that the Egyptians are still the favored side to get into the quarters, but the fact that the All Whites were able to get a point out of a match in which they only had two shots on target was quite impressive. Poor Michael O’Keeffee was under all sorts of pressure in net, as the Egyptians fired 28 shots at him three days ago, and 10 of the 28 found their way onto the target. The defense is clearly going to need to be at its best if the Brazilians come out looking for their offense to continue with their onslaught. Chris Wood did scored the only goal of the tournament thus far for New Zealand, a strike in the 17th minute that gave the team a 1-0 lead that lasted for nearly a half hour before the African side struck back.

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Brazil vs. New Zealand Match Preview & Analysis: We have seen some screwy results here in the Olympics already, and this could be another one. New Zealand would have to be thrilled just to be able to stick around in this match, and it is going to have the crowd on its side for sure, rooting for the underdog. The Brazilians are clearly the better of the two teams, but we just don’t know if they have a three-goal outburst in them once again. This could be a very close game, and we wouldn’t be all that surprised if the New Zealanders come up with the equalizing goal late on to take a point from the mighty Brazilians.

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Brazil vs. New Zealand Score Prediction: Brazil 1 – New Zealand 1

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2012 Olympics Soccer Odds & Picks: Brazil vs. Belarus Match Preview 7/29/12

Brazil vs. Belarus Match Analysis: Neymar Goal Coming In Brazil Romp: Our Brazil vs. Belarus picks are going to be hot and heavy for Sunday afternoon at Old Trafford in what will be the second match of the afternoon played in Manchester United’s home stadium. With a set of soccer spreads for the match, you’re going to need our expert soccer handicappers around to tell you which side to be playing in this fixture. Don’t miss it, as Jack, our resident English soccer nut, takes his free soccer punting tips for this match!

Both Brazil and Belarus were able to claim three points from their opening matches in Group C on Thursday. If there is a winner of this match, that team will essentially be through to the second round of this tournament, and both sides are going to be hoping to get that illustrious title already through just two thirds of the group stage.

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Brazil vs. Belarus Schedule and Match Information
Brazil vs. Belarus Match Date/Time: Sunday, July 29th, 10:00 a.m. (ET)
Brazil vs. Belarus Stadium: Old Trafford
Brazil vs. Belarus on TV: MSNBC
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Brazil vs. Belarus Match Odds: Brazil -2 (-130)
Brazil vs. Belarus Betting Line Total: 3.5 (Over -115)

Had you just stopped Brazil’s opening match against Egypt 30 minutes in, there would have been no doubt which team would have been issuing the stomping. The Brazilians were clearly the better side, and they logged a trio of goals without answer in that first half hour. However, it’s almost as if the team went to sleep when it went into the locker room. The very talented side really didn’t look good at the back, save for the fact that Rafael scored the opening goal of the match 16 minutes in. But of course, the best highlight of the match was the Neymar goal, which is going to be the first of many here in this tournament, and along the way for the Brazilian national team. Hulk has to be particularly careful in this fixture, knowing that he picked up a yellow card in the opening match against Egypt, and another yellow will see him left on the bench for the third and final match in the group stage. Of course, three points here, and that match is going to prove to be elementary.

This is the first time that Belarus is going to be playing in the Olympics for this nation that is just 20 years old as its own team. Belarus has never been beaten by more than two goals, and it has never won by more than four, but unfortunately, this might be the first time that the former happens. This is likely to be a heck of a lot different match than an opening fixture against a New Zealand team that has never really been all that great in its history at the U-23 or the national level either. Dmitry Baga, just 22 years old, scored a goal out of the midfield in a very important fixture to start this tournament, but he and the rest of his offense know that it has to put a few more balls in the back of nets to be able to get into the second round of this tournament.

Brazil vs. Belarus Match Preview & Analysis: Normally speaking, getting two goals is a whole heck of a lot, but in the end, we just don’t know if Belarus is going to be able to hang around with the mighty Brazilians. There are just too many talented players on this team, regardless of whether they are over or under the age of 23. Brazil was able to go up 3-0 on a much better Egyptian side after just a half hour. This could be a 3-0 match at halftime and a 10-0 match by the time it is all said and done with if the Brazilians want it to be. It won’t be there bad, but it should be a heck of a lot bad enough to make this a cover for the South Americans.

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Brazil vs. Belarus Score Prediction: Brazil 5 – Belarus 0

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