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UEFA Euro 2012 Schedule, Fixtures, Scores, & Euro Cup Championship Odds

2012 Euro Cup Fixtures, Team Previews, and Match Previews: Euro 2012 is about set to get underway, and here at Total Soccer Source, we are going to be keeping a very close eye on how all of the teams are doing in this illustrious tournament. Don’t miss any of our Euro 2012 match previews or any of the Euro 2012 Poland/Ukraine team previews that are going to be listed right here! We will continue to keep this page up to date throughout the entire tournament, from the very first kick of the ball on June 8th all the way through the Euro 2012 Final on July 1st.

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Euro 2012 Standings: Group A
Czech Republic FlagGreece FlagRussia FlagPoland Flag
Czech Republic 2-0-1 (6 Points, -1 GD)
Greece 1-1-1 (4 Points, 0 GD)
Russia 1-1-1 (4 Points, +2 GD)
Poland 0-2-1 (2 Points, -1 GD)

Euro 2012 Schedule: Group A
Friday June 8th: Poland 1 – Greece 1 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Friday June 8th: Russia 4 – Czech Republic 1 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Tuesday June 12th: Greece 1 – Czech Republic 2 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Tuesday June 12th: Poland 1 – Russia 1 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Saturday June 16th: Czech Republic 1 – Poland 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Saturday June 16th: Greece 1 – Russia 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)

We always knew that Group A was going to be up in the air, and that proved to be exactly the case over the course of the first three sets of fixtures in this tournament. The Russians looked like they were going to be the talk of the town here in Poland and the Ukraine in Euro 2012, but alas, after taking a resounding 4-1 victory in their first match, they floundered and are now heading back home after amassing just one point in their last two matches. The host nation, Poland had a great start to Euro 2012 as well, scoring the first goal of the tournament. Unfortunately for them, there was just one other goal to speak of for the other two matches, and that was only good enough for one point as well. That first goal came against a Greek team that was behind 1-0 and 2-0 in their first two matches of the tournament. Granted, Greece was only good enough to get one point from those two fixtures, but a single goal against Russia changed the entire tournament. Now, the Greeks are into the knockout round of Euro 2012 as the runners up of Group A, the first time that they have been in the knockout stages of an international tournament since winning Euro 2004. However, it was really the Czech Republic that proved to be the difference here in Group A. They might have finished with a -1 goal differential, but the Czechs did their job, taking the full three points from both Poland and Greece after losing that opening match to the Russians. The bitter taste of losing out on the quarterfinals in Euro 2008 is now gone, and with one of the host nations out of the tournament and the other likely to be gone by the middle of the week, the Czechs might be the team that the locals root for, knowing that they have the closest country to the rest of the action.

Euro 2012 Standings: Group B
Germany FlagPortugal FlagDenmark FlagNetherlands Flag
Germany 3-0-0 (9 Points, +3 GD)
Portugal 2-0-1 (6 Points, +1 GD)
Denmark 1-0-2 (3 Points, -1 GD)
Netherlands 0-0-3 (0 Points, -3 GD)

Euro 2012 Schedule: Group B
Saturday June 9th: Netherlands 0 – Denmark 1 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Saturday June 9th: Germany 1 – Portugal 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Wednesday June 13th: Denmark 2 – Portugal 3 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Wednesday June 13th: Netherlands 1 – Germany 2 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Sunday June 17th: Denmark 1 – Germany 2 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Sunday June 17th: Portugal 2 – Netherlands 1 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)

WilliamHill Euro 2012In the end, the Group of Death didn’t end up being as bad as it seemed for Germany and Portugal. There were definitely some nervy moments over the course of the last match day of Group B action, though. For a short period of time, it looked as though the Germans were going to be in a position to actually be knocked out of this tourney, as they were nearly behind against Denmark, while Holland was beaten Portugal. That being said, the results flipped back to more of what we expected to see as the matches progressed. Cristiano Ronaldo came alive after two suspect matches against Germany and Denmark to score twice to ensure his team’s progression into the quarterfinals of Euro 2012. Germany was able to find the strike to finish off the Danes as well, though the truth of the matter is that there was little that Denmark could do to salvage the match when push came to shove. The real question right now, is what the state of Dutch soccer is going to be after the team scored just a total of two goals in three matches against five allowed. We knew that this group was difficult to say the least, but the Netherlands was the third favorite on the Euro 2012 odds at the outset of this tournament, and now it feels like it really shouldn’t have ever been considered as a possible champ. The World Cup in two years might be the best shot that this team has at claiming glory, something that has really alluded the team at this level, and one has to wonder whether we have seen the end of Bert van Marwijk’s rule over the Dutch soccer team.

Euro 2012 Standings: Group C
Spain FlagItaly FlagCroatia FlagIreland Flag
Spain 2-1-0 (7 Points, +5 GD)
Italy 1-2-0 (5 Points, +2 GD)
Croatia 1-1-1 (4 Points, +1 GD)
Ireland 0-0-3 (0 Points, -8 GD)

Euro 2012 Schedule: Group C
Sunday June 10th: Spain 1 – Italy 1 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Sunday June 10th: Ireland 1 – Croatia 3 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Thursday June 14th: Italy 1 – Croatia 1 (12:00 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Thursday June 14th: Spain 4 – Ireland 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Monday June 18th: Croatia 0 – Spain 1 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Monday June 18th: Italy 2 – Ireland 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)

So the fix wasn’t in after all. The Italians definitely had a bit of a measure of vindication on the final match day in Group C, as they were able to get into the second round of this tournament after getting knocked out from Euro 2004 thanks to a “wink, wink” type of a match. Croatia and Spain both could have advanced and done so in a lot better form had they just agreed to a 2-2 match, but it was clear that the fixture between the two was played on the up and up. Spain was able to win Group C with a late game-winning goal after a relatively drab game against the Croats, and though that took Italy from the top of Group C to second best, that clearly wasn’t all that much of a bother. The Italians were just happy to get into the quarterfinals of this event. Croatia knew that it really was in some trouble when it only drew against Italy in the second match of Group C, and four points turned out not to be enough after losing to Spain. Ireland put up as valiant of an effort as it was able to, but in the end, this was the worst of the 16 teams that were in this tournament, and it shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise to think that it was one of the two teams in this tournament to fail to pick up a single point in any of its first three matches. This was clearly the worst team in Euro 2012 from start to finish, though the Irish probably are thrilled to know that they had the two weeks in Poland and the Ukraine.

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Euro 2012 Standings: Group D
England FlagFrance FlagUkraine FlagSweden Flag
England 2-1-0 (7 Points, +2 GD)
France 1-1-1 (4 Points, 0 GD)
Ukraine 1-0-2 (3 Points, 0 GD)
Sweden 1-0-2 (3 Points, -2 GD)

Euro 2012 Schedule: Group D
Monday June 11th: France 1 – England 1 (12:00 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Monday June 11th: Ukraine 2 – Sweden 1 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Friday June 15th: Ukraine 0 – France 2 (12:00 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Friday June 15th: Sweden 2 – England 3 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Tuesday June 19th: England 1 – Ukraine 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Tuesday June 19th: Sweden 2 vs. France 0 (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)

Group D is now said and done, and matters clearly didn’t go according to the way that we figured going into the final match day. The Ukrainians really tried their best to get into the second round of this tournament, but without Andriy Shevchenko out on the pitch, they just didn’t stand a chance. Yes, they deserved a point for their efforts after getting a goal wasn’t allowed that should have been against the Brits, but in the end, it didn’t make a single difference. Ukraine was still finishing third in the group either way, and the Three Lions were going to end up on top. It was a great switch for an English side that really wasn’t all that optimistic about its chances here at Euro 2012. Now though, Manager Roy Hodgson and the gang are on their way to the second round as the Group D winners, and they get to avoid playing Spain in the knockout rounds. Instead, that distinction goes to France, a team that has to be scratching its head after losing to Sweden in the final match of the group stage. The Swedes had been one of the worst teams in this tournament, but in the end, they were able to band together and at least get three points against Les Bleus to leave Poland and Ukraine with a shred of dignity intact.

Euro 2012 Schedule: Quarterfinals
Czech Republic FlagGreece FlagGermany FlagPortugal FlagSpain FlagItaly FlagEngland FlagFrance Flag
Thursday June 21st: Czech Republic vs. Portugal (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Friday June 22nd: Germany vs. Greece (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Saturday June 23rd: Spain vs. France (2:45 ET, ESPN2, ESPN3.com)
Sunday June 24th: England vs. Italy (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)

The Euro 2012 quarterfinals are set, and all eight of the teams involved have to think that they have a great chance of beating the Euro 2012 betting lines when this tournament is said and done with. The draw really has opened up a bit for Germany, as some of the best teams left standing here in Poland and Ukraine are likely on the other end of the bracket. We are quite intrigued by this Spain vs. France fixture, knowing that these are two of the best sides in the world. Both were impressive at times, but not all that impressive in others at the group stage level, and both prefer playing a defensive brand of soccer that should make for a more level match than some might suggest. Italy almost didn’t end up playing in this tournament due to match fixing scandals back home, and England really didn’t have all that much confidence with a slew of injuries and Wayne Rooney’s suspension to deal with. Alas, both teams are here, and one of the two will be in the last four of Euro 2012. The opening match though, is the one that is full of the most intrigue on the Euro 2012 quarterfinals schedule. Both the Czech Republic and Portugal were beaten in their first match of this tournament, yet both have locked up the maximum six points since that point. One will get through on Thursday, and it will be interesting to see which can get the job done.

Euro 2012 Schedule: Semifinals
Wednesday June 27th: Czech Republic/Portugal vs. Spain/France (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)
Thursday June 28th: Germany/Greece vs. England/Italy (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)

Euro 2012 Schedule: Final
Sunday July 1st: Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner (2:45 ET, ESPN, ESPN3.com)

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Up To Date Odds To Win Euro 2012 (As Of 6/21/12)
Germany +220
Spain +230
Portugal +600
Italy +750
England +750
France +1000
Czech Republic +4500
Greece +5000

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