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Olympics Betting Tips: Who Will Win Mexico vs. Japan Match? 8/7/12

Soccer Betting Tips for Olympics: Japanese Defense To Frustrate El Tri: Japan and Mexico aren’t countries that meet all that often in soccer, but here in the Olympics, virtually anything can happen. These two proud nations are going to collide at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday afternoon in what should be a remarkable clash on the Olympics soccer odds with the right to go to the Gold Medal Game on the line.

Mexico hasn’t exactly had the most difficult trip in the world to reach this point in the Olympics soccer tournament. The team hasn’t faced a team ranked this high in the World FIFA Rankings, knowing that No. 21 ranked Switzerland was the most recent halfway decent competition. Needless to say, this game against Japan, one of the more organized sides in this tournament, will be a much different challenge than even the 4-2 victory AET over Senegal here in the quarterfinals. Japan started this tournament off with a real noise maker, taking down Spain 1-0, and since that point, it hasn’t looked back. Its 3-0 win against Egypt to get here to the quarterfinals really sent a message to the rest of the teams in this tournament that perhaps the Japanese should not be messed with.

Mexico vs. Japan Schedule and Match Information
Mexico vs. Japan Match Date/Time: Tuesday, August 7th, 12:00 p.m. (ET)
Mexico vs. Japan Stadium: Wembley Stadium
Mexico vs. Japan Live on TV: NBC Sports Network
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Mexico vs. Japan Match Odds: Japan pk (-130)
Mexico vs. Japan Olympics Quarterfinals Odds: Japan (-120)
Mexico vs. Japan Betting Line Total: 2 (Over -110)

The argument could be made that Mexico is the weakest of the four teams left standing here in the Olympics. The Mexicans do typically have a good training program for its younger players, and they have taken the utmost advantage of that here in England. Giovani dos Santos has really had the best go of it of all of the players on El Tri thus far in this tourney, coming up with three goals on four shots on goal. His front line mate, Oribe Peralta has played well as well and has a goal to show for his efforts here in Great Britain, too. Defensively, there have been some gaps that need to be worked out, and those gaps really showed against Senegal when a 2-0 lead in the 62nd minute disappeared in just seven minutes. The depth just isn’t there at the back for Mexico to choose from, and that was seen by the fact that all of the substitutes that were used were for front line types of players. In fact, the Mexicans have only been using two players on their bench as midfielders. Do note that one of the team’s top subs, Hector Herrera, who scored in the 102nd minute to put the match away in the quarters, has been suspended for this match because of yellow card accumulation.

William Hill Euro 2012 BannerThe Japanese still haven’t allowed a goal in this tournament to date, and they are hoping that that continues here at Wembley against Mexico. You’re not going to find many teams that are more organized at the back than Japan. This is a disciplined team that stays in its lanes defensively, and it keeps its calm as well. The whole team only has two yellow cards through four matches, which is absolutely remarkable considering the fact that Honduras had 16 cards, and Senegal and Spain both had 11. Honduras had eight against Brazil alone! These aren’t slacking teams that the Japanese have played against either. The win over Spain was as notable of a victory as the country has ever had in soccer, and the Egyptian team that it blasted 3-0 and dominated from start to finish is one of the more experienced sides in U-23 competition.

Mexico vs. Japan Match Preview & Analysis: Is Mexico, which had just three goals in the group stage going to be able to score against Japan? If it does, it will only be once for sure. Remember that a very similar South Korean team held the Mexicans to a scoreless draw to start this tournament. The difference though, is that the Japanese attack really is a bit more organized, and as a result, we are going to count on a goal around the midway point of the game, and that’s it. That’s generally all that Japan needs to be able to win matches like this one, and this should be no exception.

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Mexico vs. Japan Score Prediction: Mexico 0 – Japan 1

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Free Soccer Picks: Mexico vs. Senegal Tips & Predicted Olympics Results 8/4/12

Mexico vs. Senegal Picks: Moussa Konate To Lead Way For Senegal: There are still two teams from CONCACAF and two from Africa that are still competing in the Olympics football fixtures, and one from each will be meeting in the quarterfinals of this great event on Saturday morning at historic Wembley Stadium. Join us for our Mexico vs. Senegal predictions and all of our great analysis for this match.

The Mexicans have seemingly gotten better and better as the Olympics have gone on. They started with a rather drab scoreless draw against South Korea and improved with two very impressive wins against Gabon and Switzerland in back to back matches to claim the Group B crown. Meanwhile over in the wacky Group A, Senegal was the team that ended up sneaking out as the second qualifier. A draw against the United Arab Emirates sealed the deal just three days ago, and that really leaves this team carrying the hope for Olympics gold medals for Africa on its back.

Mexico vs. Senegal Schedule and Match Information
Mexico vs. Senegal Match Date/Time: Saturday, August 4th, 9:30 a.m. (ET)
Mexico vs. Senegal Stadium: Wembley Stadium
Mexico vs. Senegal on TV: NBC Sports Network, NBC Soccer Channel
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Mexico vs. Senegal Match Odds: Mexico pk (-137)
Mexico vs. Senegal Odds To Reach Semifinals: Mexico -135
Mexico vs. Senegal Betting Line Total: 2 (Over -102)

The Mexican national soccer team has really shown some signs of slowing down over the course of the last several years. The United States is clearly starting to catch up, and the level of domination in CONCACAF is clearly disappeared. That being said, this U-23 team is definitely one of the better sides in this tournament, and it could be the team to beat in this half of the draw. The defense has been stunning in front of Jose Corona, one of the three men on the team that are over-aged for this competition. The Mexicans haven’t allowed a goal yet in the Olympics, but this is their biggest challenge yet in all likelihood after getting through a relatively weak Group A. Keep a very close eye on Giovani dos Santos, who is the team’s leader offensively right now with a pair of goals.

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Matters are going to be tough for Senegal for sure. This is a team that has offense on the mind, knowing that it has come up with 52 shots and 17 shots on target in the tourney. The end result has only been four goals, but there is definitely something to be said about the fact that it hasn’t been shutout in a match either at this competitive stage. Moussa Konate has been the star of the show and the clear MVP of the first round. Konate is the leader going into Saturday in total goals in the tournament with four, and he also has 10 shots, six of which have been on target. Both stats lead the Senegalese squad thus far in the Olympics. One thing that Senegal definitely has to be careful of in this match is fouling too much. The team is averaging 15.3 fouls per game against just 10.7 fouls per game suffered, and all of those extra free kicks could definitely come back to bite it, especially knowing just how dangerous the Mexicans can be on set pieces.

Mexico vs. Senegal Match Preview & Analysis: Still, it feels like Senegal is the team to back here. We just don’t have all that much confidence that El Tri is all that special in these Olympics, and all of those points out of the first round might be a product of an easy group and not tremendous form. In the end, we’ll back the African side to make it to the semifinals to give some more hope for the future of soccer, not just in this country, but for this entire continent as well.

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Mexico vs. Senegal Score Prediction: Mexico 0 – Senegal 2

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Free Soccer Picks: Mexico vs. Gabon Tips & Predicted Olympics Results 7/29/12

Mexico vs. Gabon Picks: African Side To Push Mexico To The Brink: In Olympics Group B soccer action, there is no doubt that Group B is the tightest of the four groups. Both matches ended in a point for each side, and that means that these second matches are going to be the most important ones of the tournament, and there is all to play for on all sides. Gabon and Mexico are the subject of our free soccer picks on Sunday, and our selection for the match might prove to surprise you!

We know that both of these teams are going to be up against it in what should be a nervy match. If there is a loser of this match, it is clear that that team is going to be in a heck of a lot of trouble going into their last fixtures. Sure, a win in the final match would likely get the job done for either side regardless, but in the end, neither wants to know that it needs to win and get some help to be able to advance into the quarters.

Mexico vs. Gabon Schedule and Match Information
Mexico vs. Gabon Match Date/Time: Sunday, July 28th, 9:30 a.m. (ET)
Mexico vs. Gabon Stadium: City of Coventry Stadium
Mexico vs. Gabon on TV: NBC Soccer Channel (Tape Delay at 4:30 p.m. ET)
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Mexico vs. Gabon Match Odds: Mexico -0.5 (-140)
Mexico vs. Gabon Betting Line Total: 2 (Over -130)

One would figure that the Mexicans would be the better of these two teams in the Olympics, but we just aren’t really all that sure. El Tri managed just two shots on goal against South Korea, a team that they probably should have been beating. The defense did well. In spite of the fact that the squad had just 48% of the possession, the Mexicans held the Koreans without a shot that reached the team’s captain and goalkeeper, Jose Corona. Corona is one of the three players on the team that are over the age of 23, and at 31 years old, he is one of the two elder statesmen on the job. Still, Mexico hasn’t been to the quarterfinals of this event since 1996 when the tournament was held just north of the border in the United States, and that was the only time that it ever got into the knockout rounds. With another woeful offensive effort though, the Mexicans will be in the same boat once again as they have been in recent Olympics efforts.

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Meanwhile, this is the first time that Gabon has ever played in his big of an event with its U-23 team. The mass majority of the players on this side have never left their homeland, and that’s going to make this a very tough team to handicap. Heck, one of the players that was on the pitch for the full 90 minutes against Switzerland in the team’s opening match was Muller Dinda, who is just 16 years old. Yet, he was a part of the defense that allowed the Swiss to account for just one shot on goal. Unfortunately for the Panthers, that just wasn’t good enough, as that one strike not just found the target, but it also found the back of the net as well. It’s not a good time to be Didier Ovono, who is the team’s starting keeper and team captain. Ovono is 29 years old and should be better than this for his country, and he knows that he has the pressure on his shoulders against what can be a very potent Mexican offense.

Mexico vs. Gabon Match Preview & Analysis: After watching Gabon in its first match, we can see that there is definitely a level of talent here that isn’t easily matched by all of the African sides. Mexico is going to be in for a heck of a challenge, and probably a heck of a lot more than it figured that it would be in against the Gabonese. This could be yet another relatively low scoring match, and though we think that it will end up being scoreless at the death, we definitely could see Gabon swiping the three points and putting El Tri in a whole heck of a lot of trouble.

Mexico vs. Gabon Punting Tip: Gabon +0.5 (+120) @ BetOnline Sportsbook

Mexico vs. Gabon Score Prediction: Mexico 0 – Gabon 0

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